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Yes, thats right my very first sale! It’s very exciting, I woke early Saturday morning to find that my print, Dreamin had sold earlier, what a fantastic way to start the weekend. I’m very chuffed and just wanted to share this moment, which I hope is only the beginning!

Have a great weekend and bank holiday!

Ok so I’m a little late of the mark for this as I opened yesterday, but I thought I’d put up images of the prints I have launched with. Initially it’s only 6 but I plan to expand that shortly, unfortunately with a full time job I’m finding there are never enough hours in the day! But without further ado, here are the 3 of the 6 prints :

Ok, so I haven’t spent anytime of my blog….ooops, but I do intend to recify this now that I have my holiday out of the way and I can finally but a lot more of my energy into Etsy.

I have had a wonderful break with my partner, family and friends and I feel much more refreshed and raring to go. I will post some of the photos I took whilst in the US, some are very interesting and I love capturing elements that people can tend to over look when they’re busy taking in the whole picture and not the parts that make it up. But you can decide for your selves! I’m particularly pleased that we managed to have our holiday unspoilt by hurricanes and tropical storms, especially after I saw that Key West was evacuated at the beginning of the week! My condolences to those that were there at the time, I hope the weather didn’t completely ruin your break, and to the locals although they’re probably more used to it by now.

Ohh and I’d like to shout out to Team GB for an absolutely amazing medal haul so far! The best since 1920, the team has worked sooo hard and I feel incredibly proud by their achievement, not just for themselves but representing our country. Go GB, I really hope you beat the medal total the government has set, that’ll show them!

Team GB Logo

Team GB Logo

Well, I have just set up my very first blog!

Yes, yes I know its currently a little underwhelming (to put it mildly!), but I do intend to update it and make it more unique, more…representative of my tastes, well at least as much as you can with a standardized template.

So here I am sitting out on my terrace in the sun, enjoying the English summer weather, as you never know how long it’ll last, 1 day, 1 week and month…so far we haven’t experienced the same freak weather of last year. I know that because my old village is still visible above sea level, but I will not count my chickens before they’ve hatched! And with my luck the 2 weeks I plan to spend away on holiday will be the best weather this island has seen all year. Its just the way life works!

Anyway, I appear to have deviated off the point of why I have set this blog up, well as a creative artist I have found my drive lagging some what, I put this down mainly to my ability to procrastinate and my daydreamy personality. I like to plan, plan, plan, particularly with the aid of lists…lists for this, that and other lists. Sometimes you just have to throw your self in the deep end and go for it, otherwise you’ll still be there creating yet more lists.

So I will be using this list (sorry force of habit, I mean blog), to let you know what I am currently working on and how my Etsy shop is going (I will be opening shortly), as well as inspirational work and ideas I come across so stay tuned!


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