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Wooo, so I have been featured in my very first treasury!!  The title of the treasury is ‘Blue with touches’ and the title of my piece is ‘Cusi’, it was so lovely to see my piece chosen along with other designers. It really gave me a boost this morning with the weather so miserable outside. You can see the treasury here or see the Cusi print featured here.

Following my earlier post today, I wanted to show you the first of a series of prints that I have been working on and have released on my Filiadavidus Shop on Etsy. Having been playing around with some ideas I decided to make a start on some illustrations that were based around something fun and kind of playful. So after much deliberation I decided to lend my focus to shoes….mmmm

Shoes? I hear you ask, well I have gained a fair selection over the years, from far and wide, and like a lot of people (particularly women) will agree there’s nothing nicer than a beautiful pair of shoes. In fact when I was young I used to sit and stare at my new shoes for hours after I’d bought them, and sometimes even sit in the middle of the floor and surround myself with as many different pairs as I could fit in the space! What am I saying I still do that!

But less about sitting in piles of shoes, back to the print. My first print is called ‘The Red Pumps’ and it’s a sketchy illustration of my MOST favorite pair of shoes, I love red and these are so cute when worn with skinny jeans and a shirt I just had to draw them and put them up for everyone to see. Enjoy, if you want to see the print in my shop, click here.

Ah, finally I have found the Etsy Mini!! What a wonderful little advert, I thought I was pretty up todate with the little Etsy gadgets but I learned something new today.

Behold the might Mini!!

… ok so it turns out I can’t seem to get it working in my post, so just one more thing before I can show it to the world, my apologies!

Yes, thats right my very first sale! It’s very exciting, I woke early Saturday morning to find that my print, Dreamin had sold earlier, what a fantastic way to start the weekend. I’m very chuffed and just wanted to share this moment, which I hope is only the beginning!

Have a great weekend and bank holiday!

Ok, so I haven’t spent anytime of my blog….ooops, but I do intend to recify this now that I have my holiday out of the way and I can finally but a lot more of my energy into Etsy.

I have had a wonderful break with my partner, family and friends and I feel much more refreshed and raring to go. I will post some of the photos I took whilst in the US, some are very interesting and I love capturing elements that people can tend to over look when they’re busy taking in the whole picture and not the parts that make it up. But you can decide for your selves! I’m particularly pleased that we managed to have our holiday unspoilt by hurricanes and tropical storms, especially after I saw that Key West was evacuated at the beginning of the week! My condolences to those that were there at the time, I hope the weather didn’t completely ruin your break, and to the locals although they’re probably more used to it by now.

Ohh and I’d like to shout out to Team GB for an absolutely amazing medal haul so far! The best since 1920, the team has worked sooo hard and I feel incredibly proud by their achievement, not just for themselves but representing our country. Go GB, I really hope you beat the medal total the government has set, that’ll show them!

Team GB Logo

Team GB Logo


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