And so after almost a year and much change I am releasing some new pieces. Today there are 3 new pieces available on etsy. I have included photos below! Click here to visit Filiadavidus’s shop




Filiadavidus Featured Shop on Paper and Stitch

Filiadavidus Featured Shop on Paper and Stitch

Yesterday I was pleased to receive an email from Brittni over at Paper and Stitch to let me know that my shop was the shop of the day!! You can read her post here and see my shop here

Curious Bird Perching - Print and Original available at Etsy

Curious Bird Perching - Print and Original available at Etsy

I finished this painting yesterday and so uploaded it into my etsy account and various other places (I’m finding it hard to keep track of all the sites). his name is Jack and as you can tell (hopefully) he’s a budgie, initially he was going to be all blue, but well me being me I started adding touches of other colours and I like the effect so essentially he is bluish but with bits of purple, red and yellow. I get the sense that he’s curious about something over the left shoulder of the viewer but you can make up your own mind, I am very pleased with how he turned out as birds aren’t my subject of choice normally. But he has such a strong but unusual shape to him I couldn’t resist and the painting itself went through a bit of metamorphosis.

This painting ‘Curious Bird Perching’ was a little different subject wise to the others and I wanted to see what kind of effect it had, and well I was pretty surprised myself. Within about 20 mins of listing I got 16 hits on the original (fewer on the print), but of those I got 2 hearts for the painting itself and 4 for the shop!! Thats seems a little mad, but I’m not complaining. Plus, I have a few more bird canvases I’ve started, as I enjoyed creating Jack so much, the little elements of detail, his little eyes that seems to exude some kind of crazy intelligence…I feel very inspired again 🙂

You can buy the Curious Bird Perching Print here or if you would like to purchase the Original Curious Bird Perching click here

Finally I can divulge something else I’ve been working on! I’ve been keeping it under my belt for ohh about a month now, which is truly amazing for me as I cannot normally keep a secret at all (just ask my partner, Peter!).

Well Brittni Wood of Paper N Stitch has created, along with her partner, a new website to display a selection of artists and designers work, and today is the early launch! I am so thrilled to be a part of this as there are only about 70 people in this initial launch and to be include with so many talented people is a real honour.

Filiadavidus Shop on PaperNStitch

Filiadavidus Shop on PaperNStitch

You can’t purchase my images through papernstitch but once you click on the image it will take you through to the relevant page on my etsy store! Yay, I feel so much more positive today!

Check out my filiadavidus portfolio page here!

Yes, Halloween is coming! Although the UK isn’t big on celebrating this particularly day, my partner and I have decided to have a big party (any excuse huh!) as we have the most perfect venue witb our little 1820’s cottage complete with original floorboards and creaky stairs.

So for the last week and a bit we have had unusual packages turning up at the house in preparation for this soiree! Black lights, UV paint, cloth, fire lights, church candles and many more unusual items. All going towards the overall effect of spookiness!

My partner is a wizz when it comes to DIY and has so far fixed the firelights under the floorboards of our dining room, to allow the red light to flood up through the boards, with the lights out it looks great. He has also constructed a bar type area near the front bay window where we are going to store the punch and various spirits (pun not intended…but allowed) and we have giant glass bottles to store underneath to create the alchemist look. Now to find weird things to float in them…

Apart from this I have been painting on some small canvases that I purchased last week, trying to get some more work to put in my Etsy and All Things Original Shop. Speaking of shops I have just set up a new filidavidus shop on and I am registered on Stumbleupon, Flickr and another community for Illustrators! I’ve been very busy, but alas my sales have yet to pick up, which is starting to get me down 😦 But you have to stay positive or you’d just give in, and hopefully I will begin to feel the effect of all the good work I’ve done very soon…

Yes that’s right, some of my prints are now available on a site called All Things Original based in the UK! This was one of the things I’ve been working towards recently and it take a while to get everything together for it, but as of last night it is all live! I will be adding more pieces on but I just wanted to get up and running with some of my favourite pieces and I think it looks good. I have been feeling a little lacking recently moral wise as business on Etsy has been slow, but seeing my work up in a new location has really re-invigorated me and I feel very re-energised! Now all I have to do is get some more work going! You can click the image below to go through to my shop and biography.

Filiadavidus Biography on All Things Original

Filiadavidus Biography on All Things Original

So, a little later than originally promised, here is a photo of the canvas I mentioned before, that I’m selling as a print. It’s called ‘ The Glade at Midnight’ and it’s only just gone online! I have to say I’m pretty darn pleased with it, so much so I haven’t decided whether I’m going to sell the original yet. You can view it here in my Etsy shop.

The Glade at Midnight Print - Available at Filiadavidus Etsy Shop

The Glade at Midnight Print - Available at Filiadavidus Etsy Shop

So I have launched three new prints today. They are the culmination of several days work, I had hoped to launch all four but unfortunately the fourth seems to be taking a while to come together and I really didn’t fancy holding off on the other three for the last one, so alas it is a set of three again!

These three pieces are called, Luceile, The Masquerade and The Field.

They are all really a development of several different ideas but using a similar style, with mixed media. I didn’t fancy working large scale on a canvas so instead I decided to paint directly on to board, quicker and easier to prep then canvas and as it turns out easier to post as well!

Now my only concern is how to mount the originals, as the board is fairly thin….mmmm another dilemma…any and all ideas very welcome!

Well I thought I should write a post as it’s been a while since I’ve been on here! My apologies for being away so long, but I have been very extremely busy with a number of projects, many of which I hope to be able to post properly about over the coming weeks!

I have been spending a lot of time painting on both canvas and wood to create some new pieces for my Filiadavidus shop on Etsy, I hope to launch the new pieces, both originals and print versions, later this week!! It’s very exciting! I also have a couple of canvases that I will put prints up of, one of which I’m very happy with so I may just post a photo of in the next couple of days, look out for that.

One of my prints, Thoughtful, has just won the Daily Challenge over on the Etsy Challenge Blog, which I am very pleased with, it has also generated a lot of extra traffic so hopeful it’ll sell soon, fingerscrossed!

Yesterday I got an email from Kat, at, to let me know that my print ‘Thoughtful’ had been featured as her Readers Choice for the day. It is lovely to know my work is getting out there! If you would like to read about it click here, alternatively you can go directly to the print ‘Thoughtful’ by clicking here.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all the people that have put my work on their treasury’s. I woke this morning to find three messages from different sellers, saying they had chosen my work for their collection’s. What a lovely way to start the morning, only problem is now I’m going to have this kooky grin all day!


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